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Collaboration with University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Case website: ICON Puerto Rico 2008
Implementation of our new imaging tool, NeuroRad Interactive, in ICON HMS 2007, HNSB Case 5.
Collaboration with Bond University, Queensland Australia
Case website: ICON Bond 2006
Collaboration with Universidad de Chile Facultad de Medicina
Life Sciences/NB95hfd Course website: ICON FAS 2007-2008
Noticias Nº 60: Boletin Informatio/Octubre-Noviembre 2006
Summary of our recent progress in ICON assessment.
The ICON online guide is now available.
The BS95hf ICON Problem Solving in Neuroscience tutorial 2005-2006 concluded today. The students completed seven cases in a year-long exercise of building hypotheses and problem-solving. A broad array of neuroscience topics was covered, ranging from peripheral axonal injury to brain tumor, from cerebellar development to seizure, to sleep, learning, and memory.

In one case, the students raced against time to come up with a just-in-time hypothesis, predicting how two law students with different learning styles and sleep habits would perform against each other in a HLS contract law midterm. As a result, they had an exciting and lively debate that lasted until the exam results were released.

For the first time in ICON, this year's students utilized a shared tablet PC (awarded by the Harvard Office of the University CIO) during the tutorial discussion meetings to further facilitate collaborative learning, sharing of knowledge, and joint construction of case synthesis using wiki.

In keeping with ICON FAS tradition, the students invited expert guests to participate in the tutorial and share their expertise; Drs. James Beck, Peter Black, John Dowling, Florian Engert, and David Haig kindly accepted the students' invitation this year.
Jules Dienstag MD, Dean for Medical Education at HMS, presents the Keynote Address at The 4th Annual Medical Education Day today, summarizing the status of the Medical Education Reform Initiative. (ICON presented on Slide 15.)
Today marks the successful completion of ICON HMS in this year's HNSB IN707.0. The 24 students of ICON HMS 2005 broke new ground for second year students in the HMS New Pathway curriculum, participating in the first inter-tutorial Morbidity/Mortality Rounds, integrated medical simulation, and root cause analysis of adverse events to improve patient safety.

The past eight weeks have validated our model of integrating pedagogical intervention and learning resources, demonstrating faculty-student partnerships and multidisciplinary collaboration that enhance the student's learning experience. We look forward to continuing our efforts with new collaborations among faculties in the Harvard community to help create new opportunities and instructional systems in medical and science education.
Joseph Martin MD PhD, Dean of Harvard Medical School, presents the 2005 State of the School Address. (ICON presented on Slides 11 and 12 in the PowerPoint version or on Page 4 in the HTML version.)
Collaboration with Tania Fatovich MD, Suresh Venkatan, John Pawlowski, and James Gordon MD of The Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation at HMS. Our combined efforts enabled the integration of a real-time whole-body simulation of Marine Sgt. Jeffrey Jones in the “The Painful Arm” ICON HMS 2005, HNSB Case 3. The simulation experience resulted in a sense of urgency and team accountability for the students, providing a vivid example of the challenges in managing patients with neuropathic pain.
ICON HMS 2005 is implemented in HNSB IN707.0 with a new enhanced platform developed by Michael Fournier, David Bozzi, and Jason Alvarez of the Educational Applications Group in the HMS Center for Educational Technology.

We hope to integrate into ICON HMS a number of customized features, including full integration with MyCourses (ResourceBank, Collections, Forum, Calendar), a graphically enhanced and user-friendly interface, built-in online conference center, timed electronic paging functions, and technical improvements focused on improving efficiency for course managers and faculty.

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